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Description: The 1ShotCLA10 is a dynamic pistol rest that gives the officer the ability to fire their handgun with increased accuracy, stability, and safety. The patent pending designs of the 1ShotCLA10 never attach to the handgun. The officer holds their handgun against the wall of the 1ShotCLA10 to safely stabilize the firearm before firing. The stability of the handgun dramatically improves with the 1ShotCLA10, allowing the officer to gain confidence that the round they fire will not miss.

The 1ShotCLA10 has the added feature of accepting BWC (body worn cameras) allowing the officer to deal with a threat from cover. Compatible with both iron sights and reflex sights, the officer can view the sight picture on their smartphone without putting themselves in harms way. The officer no longer has to “Slice the Pie”. The 1Shot mounted cameras provide invaluable stable video documentation should an Officer Involved Shooting occur. A BWC can be connected with quick connect to the side or top of the 1ShotCLA10 for video documentation.

At this time, the 1ShotCLA10 is available to Law Enforcement Agencies and the Military.

The 1ShotCLA10 is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Reno, Nevada.  (designed by Robert L. Gilmer, All Rights Reserved, copyright 2014, patent pending.)

Materials Available:
MIS-T Polymer, CFRN, Carbon Structure, 7075-T6 Aluminum
6 Position Mil Spec: MFT  Minimalist
Coatings Available:
Oxirane Polymer
Urethane Clear Coat 6800 2K